What’s so common between the kingdoms and IT ecosystems?

Do you remember the infamous historical character from the battle of Plassey? The chief commander of the Nawab of an East Indian province became an embodiment of betrayal after the historic loss in the battle. The culprit misused the blind trust and faith that his nawab kept on him and eventually allowed the British troops to conquer the land. Who knows if the Nawab would have verified this trustworthiness, maybe the history would have been different? Trust, once lost, can never be retrieved – similarly, the loss which incurs from a mistrust is rarely recovered.


What is the moral of the story?… never assume the ‘trust’ but always reassess it.

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Why is it crucial to segment privileged identities?

Can we think of an organization that does not have any segmentation of departments like marketing, finance, HR & Administration? The answer is probably NO – even if there is, the organization can never ensure systematic day to day activities. We don’t need to explain the importance of segregating the employees in various departments as per their roles. Similarly, an enterprise IT ecosystem requires a proper segmentation of a set of digital identities. It ensures role-based access to devices and target systems by authorized users assigned for a defined task.

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