ARCON Predicts Top Three Security Trends for 2020

With 2020 almost at our threshold, the evolution of digital technology is expected to take a big leap this year, thanks to the influence of Cloud computing, Big Data, AI and IoT. Technology, while getting more advanced, brings sophisticated cyber threats simultaneously that can strike hard in organizations across every industry. Truly, cyber threats will continue to disrupt organizations in 2020 as well.

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Identify Suspicious User Activities

Spot your malicious insider(s) with ARCON | UBA

Recently, a Government organization from Healthcare industry in APAC region revealed that almost 14,000 health records were leaked online because of a malicious insider. The organization never thought that they could lose their sensitive health records to someone trustworthy (apparently) in unbelievably nasty way. Couple of months back this incident shook the cyber world and forced every global organization to reinforce security audit of their IT infrastructure, employee roles, their activities and access control mechanisms.

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