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As we say goodbye to 2020, some ARCON high-points

The ‘villainous’ Covid19 turned to be a great ‘teacher’ for global organizations.

The pandemic, besides badly impacting the global health and disrupting normal business processes, resulted in a wave of cyber-attacks as businesses found themselves in a challenging situation. Remote access, authentication, access management (AM) were some of the issues that kept security and risk professionals on toes as they tried to tread a balance between business continuity and IT security.

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Five Most Common Cyber Attacks and How to Mitigate Them?

Like its blessings, the digital universe comes with a darker side as well and, it is known as cybercrime. In recent years, it has become a productive and profitable ecosystem and has grown quite rapidly. As per Juniper Research, the overall damage caused by cyberattacks is going to reach USD 8 trillion, which is, indeed, quite alarming.

However, there’s an issue. While most cybercriminals tend to use new tactics for preparing their attacks, their overall strategy generally stays the same. Therefore, if you know even a little bit about the methods, then you can easily prevent them. Also, you can include a privileged access management system (PAM) in your infrastructure to track and predict the operations of the risky profiles.

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Cyber Security : Time to Get the Basics Right

Sometimes I get completely dumbfounded at the pace of technological innovation. Rummage into some of the latest stories in the world of technology, odds are high that ongoing inventions would leave you stunned. And being a tech-freak, I must confess, nothing else in life gives me an adrenaline rush than bright evolving ideas, particularly in the field of information technology.

Indeed, the other day, I got startled to find how one scientist from the University of Rochester in New York is scripting an algorithm, which would help in decoding the human gestures!

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