Disadvantages of Remote Working

Remote Working: How to overcome the limitations?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies from all around the world have kept themselves shut. According to a report, almost 66% of people in the USA are currently working from home. And, you probably are following the same.

So, how are you going to avoid the nuisances of working from home and improve your productivity? Well, there are a few ways to be more efficient and avert the adversities skillfully.

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Data Protection In The Age Of The Remote Working Environment

Data Protection in the Age of the Remote Working Environment

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that data has become the most crucial aspect of every organization nowadays. But with this increasing importance of information, its security has also transformed into a concerning factor. To ensure the data remains safe from any breaches, all the companies undertake different security measures on their office networks.


This set-up was successful until the remote working environment came into practice. With people working from their own places, organizations have lost control over networks’ security because everyone uses a different system. It gave the intruders a great opportunity, as they can quickly get access to the company’s confidential information.

In order to avoid this, new-age security measures and standard security compliance came into the role. Let’s see the importance of high data security today and how can we achieve it.

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Reinforcing Privileged Security: Be mindful of these security gaps

As insider threats and cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and devastating due to illegitimate privileged access, organizations are adopting stringent IT security policies and practices to ensure the security of privilege accounts. A robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, hence, has become a burning topic of boardroom discussion, especially after the global pandemic raised new security concerns. A recent survey unveiled that 72% of global organizations agree that the security of privileged identities is an area of concern. ARCON, in an exclusive webinar “The ‘Privilege’ is all Yours” on 7th October 2020, emphasized on why end-to-end security of the privileged identities is need of the hour and how it can be attained and maintained.

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