decode the role of PAM in modern IT environments

The Changing Landscape of Privileged Accounts Security

Paul Fisher and Anil Bhandari decode the role of PAM in modern IT environments

ARCON and KuppingerCole met once again for an exclusive webinar! Held on 3rd November 2020, this webinar was presented by the two stalwarts of modern IT security: Paul Fisher, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts AG and Anil Bhandari, a Thought leader and Chief Mentor, ARCON. In this hour-long session, the essence of a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution was discussed in detail. Unmonitored privileged accounts are the major source of data breaches and malicious actors always try to exploit the security vulnerabilities in and around privileged identities.

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Why is it crucial to segment privileged identities?

Can we think of an organization that does not have any segmentation of departments like marketing, finance, HR & Administration? The answer is probably NO – even if there is, the organization can never ensure systematic day to day activities. We don’t need to explain the importance of segregating the employees in various departments as per their roles. Similarly, an enterprise IT ecosystem requires a proper segmentation of a set of digital identities. It ensures role-based access to devices and target systems by authorized users assigned for a defined task.

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Privileged Access Security in MSP environment

Privileged Security is indispensable for MSP environment

Today, organizations are managing their IT infrastructure with an increased number of challenges. They have to monitor too many privileged accounts in the vast IT network and manage the security of a huge stream of data. Thus, organizations find Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as better alternatives to handle this massive task of ensuring enterprise IT administration efficiently. Hence the demand for Managed Service Providers has shot up significantly in recent times.

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