The Evolution Of Privileged Access Management

Irrespective of companies’ size and operation, protecting a high-level admin account is an important element of an effective security strategy against cyber-threats. In most data breach cases, the attacker has targeted admin-based credentials to extract data, make changes to configurations, or set-up ransomware. Moreover, PAM is also imperative to ensure that your organization gets maximum protection from insider threats.

If you are not monitoring who is accessing the different accounts, you do not know what is actually happening across the enterprise. Without effective privileged access management, your company is at greater risk of sensitive information being compromised. Additionally, if the passwords are not managed and changed regularly, even workers who have left the company may be able to access vital data.

What exactly is Privileged Access Management, and how it works? Read on to find out more about this vital phenomenon.

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decode the role of PAM in modern IT environments

The Changing Landscape of Privileged Accounts Security

Paul Fisher and Anil Bhandari decode the role of PAM in modern IT environments

ARCON and KuppingerCole met once again for an exclusive webinar! Held on 3rd November 2020, this webinar was presented by the two stalwarts of modern IT security: Paul Fisher, Lead Analyst, KuppingerCole Analysts AG and Anil Bhandari, a Thought leader and Chief Mentor, ARCON. In this hour-long session, the essence of a robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution was discussed in detail. Unmonitored privileged accounts are the major source of data breaches and malicious actors always try to exploit the security vulnerabilities in and around privileged identities.

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Disadvantages of Remote Working

Remote Working: How to overcome the limitations?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most companies from all around the world have kept themselves shut. According to a report, almost 66% of people in the USA are currently working from home. And, you probably are following the same.

So, how are you going to avoid the nuisances of working from home and improve your productivity? Well, there are a few ways to be more efficient and avert the adversities skillfully.

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Reinforcing Privileged Security: Be mindful of these security gaps

As insider threats and cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated and devastating due to illegitimate privileged access, organizations are adopting stringent IT security policies and practices to ensure the security of privilege accounts. A robust Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution, hence, has become a burning topic of boardroom discussion, especially after the global pandemic raised new security concerns. A recent survey unveiled that 72% of global organizations agree that the security of privileged identities is an area of concern. ARCON, in an exclusive webinar “The ‘Privilege’ is all Yours” on 7th October 2020, emphasized on why end-to-end security of the privileged identities is need of the hour and how it can be attained and maintained.

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Implementing PAM: Major Aspects to keep in mind

In 2020, needless to mention, IT security has faced a dreadful, apprehensive and uncertain future, thanks to the recent pandemic and extensive adoption of Work From Home (WFH) culture. To build a robust cyber resilience, organizations are toiling hard to cope with the newest emerging IT security threats. Apart from the existing threats like phishing, ransomware, Man-in-the-Middle attack, DDoS attack or even Zero-day threats, the major threat of data theft by compromising privileged accounts has topped the list. Almost 72% of organizations have agreed that the security of privileged accounts is their major area of concern while trying to protect their vast data assets from unauthorized and malicious users.

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Paul-Fisher-and-Anil-Bhandari-shares-key-insights-ARCON Blog

The meticulous IT practices amid emerging challenges from remote workforce

The sudden ‘new normal’ emerging for global organizations due to the pandemic and resulting remote work culture has increased IT security concerns, especially malicious insider threats. Inadequate transition time for adapting to the changes and insufficient IT security safeguards have made global organizations more vulnerable to insider threats and cyberattacks.

Still, implementing best practices can help ward-off IT threats emanating from the misuse of digital identities and credentials. So we thought to disseminate information around that. The stage was set. ARCON being the pioneer in Information Security solutions partnered with KuppingerCole, one of the leading Identity and Access Control advisors and consultants in the world to host a webinar.

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ARCON hosts exclusive webinar for East Africa on Privileged Access Management

ARCON hosts exclusive webinar for East Africa on Privileged Access Management

On 28th July 2020, at 11:30 am EAT, ARCON Tech Solutions organized an exclusive webinar for the East Africa region. The topic was: Predict, Protect, Prevent: Modern Security Paradigm for Modern Enterprises. 150+ attendees from India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa attended the webinar. Aditi Jain, from the product development team, represented ARCON and delivered a presentation on the importance of Privileged Access Management (PAM) in modern enterprises.

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ARCON rated as Innovation Leader

KuppingerCole recently published its “2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management (PAM)” report and ARCON has been recognized as an Innovation leader by Paul Fisher, the lead analyst. This independent analyst firm from Europe has identified Privileged Access Management (PAM) as one of the crucial components of IT security and risk management in any organization. Today PAM is one of the most indispensable tools to maintain the cybersecurity posture of an organization.

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The changing IT security paradigm amid COVID-19

As global organizations grapple with COVID -19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty arising from lockdown, IT security is becoming increasingly a matter of concern. The Security and Risk Management (SRM) pros are on their toes to strengthen their organizations’ digital resilience to combat  unexpected disruptions in the business process. Any cyber attack or insider mischief with sensitive data could seriously hurt any organization at a time when employees, vendors, and contractors are remotely accessing systems. ARCON believes that organizations will have to revisit their cybersecurity policies so that the current crisis does not aggravate economic and business continuity challenges. Here are the high priority areas that every organization should look at to mitigate IT security risks.

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