Privileged Access Security in MSP environment

Privileged Security is indispensable for MSP environment

Today, organizations are managing their IT infrastructure with an increased number of challenges. They have to monitor too many privileged accounts in the vast IT network and manage the security of a huge stream of data. Thus, organizations find Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as better alternatives to handle this massive task of ensuring enterprise IT administration efficiently. Hence the demand for Managed Service Providers has shot up significantly in recent times.

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Data Security in Managed Service Environment

Today, it is a big challenge for organizations to secure their Information assets from persistent cyber threats from both external and internal malefactors, arising mainly due to distributed nature of IT infrastructure.

Take for instance, the Managed Service Provider (MSP) model. MSP is a cost-effective alternative for organizations to ensure business continuity with limited workforce and capital. Enterprises can divert resources to other operational areas as transferring workloads to MSP provides an IT infra to store/ process data and work on a host of applications among other rudimentary computing services. In other words, it saves a huge amount of money as there is no upfront IT capital expenditure. MSP remotely manages any organization’s IT infrastructure or user systems based on a specific organizational policy.

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