The Evolution Of Privileged Access Management

Irrespective of companies’ size and operation, protecting a high-level admin account is an important element of an effective security strategy against cyber-threats. In most data breach cases, the attacker has targeted admin-based credentials to extract data, make changes to configurations, or set-up ransomware. Moreover, PAM is also imperative to ensure that your organization gets maximum protection from insider threats.

If you are not monitoring who is accessing the different accounts, you do not know what is actually happening across the enterprise. Without effective privileged access management, your company is at greater risk of sensitive information being compromised. Additionally, if the passwords are not managed and changed regularly, even workers who have left the company may be able to access vital data.

What exactly is Privileged Access Management, and how it works? Read on to find out more about this vital phenomenon.

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How e-retailers can overcome IT threats?


The total retail business of the e-commerce industry has been rising steadily during post-pandemic months. Both B2B and B2C segments of the e-commerce industries have observed almost double growth after WFH (Work from Home) became effective worldwide. Simultaneously, this has opened multiple doors of cyber risks. A recently India-based leading online food and grocery store suffered a massive data breach of more than 1 million of private customer details in an unfortunate incident. This has forced the victim to seek assistance from the cybercrime department to minimize the loss as much as possible. This incident prompted the other brands to boost their IT security policies and mechanisms to a satisfactory level. 

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Modern IT Infrastructure demands Low Friction and High Security

ARCON’s marathon with the virtual summits continues! To expand IT security awareness among global enterprises amid digital transformation, ARCON participated at the CIO Axis Roundtable Summit 2020 on 20th August 2020. Mr. Anil Bhandari, the Chief Mentor of ARCON was the speaker of a keynote session discussing the transformation of the current state of cybersecurity by reducing the friction and striking the right balance between IT security and user experience. 

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Stoicism can leave organizations vulnerable to cyber-crime

What is Stoicism?

Every human mind has different nature of thinking process. Each aspect of our life is influenced by our tendencies, habits, preference of comfort zones and … we all wish to avoid risk factors. We always tend to take up safe and easy ways for survival. The Greek philosophers originated the idea of stoicism who analyzed and explained this concept with the philosophy of the military professionals who strive in the battlefield against the enemies till their last breath. Even in adverse conditions when the opponent almost ensures the victory, a true military leader shows the path of survival by assuring that everything would be alright. The end result of the battle is secondary in this aspect, but the act of concealing the fear and danger with positive assurance is the stark reality of stoicism.

How is it relevant to IT security?

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