Secure Privileged Access: A top priority for seamless digitalization

Revolutionary technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs) and cloud computing, AI, Big Data, et al have created enormous opportunities for global organizations. They have changed the way global corporations conduct business. While these technologies create new opportunities, they also make IT assets vulnerable. Indeed, with tons of data stored in the cloud, and critical systems with which end users interact, organizations risk data breach from malicious outsiders/ insiders.

Gartner in one of its reports namely, “Inadequate security sees surge in IoT data breaches, study shows” has confirmed that data breaches linked to IoTs have increased considerably over the last two years.

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Are you protecting data amid digital revolution?

Who would have thought about a decade ago that digital revolution could completely transform the way organizations conduct routine operations?

From large retailers analyzing and predicting customers’ purchasing decisions to supply chain firms adopting ‘smart’ technologies to ensure quality controls, disruptive technologies such as big data analytics and the IOTs have enabled firms to capture and effectively use the vital statistics in a real-time.

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Mapping Privileged Identity Management to an exotic travel

When I had started out in this industry, I had absolutely no clue of what Privileged Identity Management meant. In fact, not for a moment I thought it had something to do with security let alone cyber-security. I was deceived by the term ‘Privileged’ so much so that I started considering it be an elitist term which is like a badge to be worn proudly by some. But what I got to know about this was a complete paradigm shift. Yes of course I was right in thinking that it is a sort of title so to speak conferred only upon a select few. But that they can be threats never crossed my mind. Over the years, I observed that not many could easily understand the real meaning behind the term Privileged Identity Management or Privileged Access Management or Privileged User Management or other terms that this concept is referred to by. I pondered and pondered of how this can be explained in simple language to a layman. So here’s my attempt at it.

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