Top 5 Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Alongside the intricate world of cybersecurity, the myths and misconceptions regarding the same are growing continually as well. As most people tend to ignore the details, they usually believe in these fallacies and end up prejudicing everything. Thus, in this write-up, we are going to bust a few myths.


Myth: Only the IT team of an organization is responsible for cybersecurity breaches.

Reality: It is, indeed, pretty accurate that the IT professionals of a company generally set up and implement a new cybersecurity infrastructure. However, it is almost impossible for them to stay on guard all the time and protect the network environment. A well-planned cyberattack can occur from almost anywhere at any time (around 1,470 breaches occurred in the year of 2019). So, in reality, almost anyone in the corporation can be responsible for cyber assault. Due to this reason, each and every employee needs to be wary before opening any e-mail from an unknown source. Furthermore, they should avoid clicking on unidentified links as well. Besides, the head of the organization will also need to use a User Behavior Analytics tool in their system. It, in turn, will help him or her to keep an eye on their employees and identify any suspicious behaviour.

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Maintain Operational Efficiency and Gain Maximum ROI with ARCON UBA

How can you maximize your Return on Investment with UBA?

When it comes to protecting data exploitation and mitigating the risk, IT security professionals know that a majority of prominent threats does not come from malware attacks, instead, they are sourced from the behaviour of users of the system. Understanding this user behaviour can assist you in developing more effective strategies to prevent threats that are caused intentionally or inadvertently. In this detailed article, we discuss what UBA is and why businesses need it.

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The changing IT security paradigm amid COVID-19

As global organizations grapple with COVID -19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty arising from lockdown, IT security is becoming increasingly a matter of concern. The Security and Risk Management (SRM) pros are on their toes to strengthen their organizations’ digital resilience to combat  unexpected disruptions in the business process. Any cyber attack or insider mischief with sensitive data could seriously hurt any organization at a time when employees, vendors, and contractors are remotely accessing systems. ARCON believes that organizations will have to revisit their cybersecurity policies so that the current crisis does not aggravate economic and business continuity challenges. Here are the high priority areas that every organization should look at to mitigate IT security risks.

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Personal Data Protection Bill: A Government of India’s push to ensure data integrity

About the Bill

The Government of India has proposed and introduced the draft of the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Bill to the Joint Parliamentary Committee in the Lok Sabha recently. This bill is going to be the Government of India’s another milestone in cyber security space after “Digital India” drive a couple of years back. Previously, this bill was introduced in 2018 by SriKrishna Committee, defining the importance of personal data and its sensitivity. These data include financial data, biometric data, intersex/ transgender status and official government identifiers (like PAN card).

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As ARCON predicted…data breach incidents are rising due to lack of Privileged Access Management

As we are preparing to bid adieu to 2019, let us see how our prediction at the beginning of the year got proved to be accurate. In one of our blogs, we discussed that managing data in shared and distributed environment, migrating data to the cloud environment, hosting data in MSP environment and compliance with regulatory standards would demand robust Privileged Access Management (PAM). Several incidents round the year showed how organizations still lack a stringent cyber security policy and safeguards to mitigate data breach threat. These incidents re-emphasize why today’s enterprises require a PAM to mitigate risks arising from malicious insiders or external malefactors.

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Securing Enterprise Data

Securing Enterprise Data – The Soul of any Business

In a continuously evolving technological landscape, global organizations are coming across new challenges to store and protect a huge amount of business data generated every day. While data being the core of any business, it plays the most important role in maintaining business continuity in any industry. While many organizations go all the way to protect tons of data generated every day, few are partially concerned about the security and the remaining stay least bothered about the security of their data assets.

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Malicious Insiders: Sturdy Reason for Cyber Risks

While organizations have started giving utmost importance to cyber security and have started allotting handsome budget for saving their digital assets, cyber crooks are getting smarter and giving birth to more sophisticated attack techniques. Today, suspicious insiders are giving more nightmare to the IT security officers rather than outsiders. According to the latest research, organizations cough up to $8 million annually as a price paid for the damages done by malicious insiders.

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Your Data is Vulnerable: Secure it

With Facebook admitting recently that the data available online of its 2 billion users are mostly vulnerable, recent reports affirmed that a quarter of a billion accounts were compromised. Later on, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made history by testifying before the US Congress about the data leakage. People realizing the importance of data safety reaches a different level thereafter.

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Are you protecting data amid digital revolution?

Who would have thought about a decade ago that digital revolution could completely transform the way organizations conduct routine operations?

From large retailers analyzing and predicting customers’ purchasing decisions to supply chain firms adopting ‘smart’ technologies to ensure quality controls, disruptive technologies such as big data analytics and the IOTs have enabled firms to capture and effectively use the vital statistics in a real-time.

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Financial Implication of a Data Breach is Huge

We have been touring across the world since the beginning of the year, participating in several IT security events. While our main goal is to educate organizations–amid rising cybercrime– to reinforce their information systems by adapting to our risk-management solutions, we are also meeting with Chief Information officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and audit and compliance officers.

One-to-one meetings help us in understanding IT security needs. As an IT security provider, however, we must tell you that it is very heartening to find that organizations across all industries, have shown increased awareness towards cyber-security.

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