The Rise of AI in Cybersecurity ARCON Blog

The Rise of AI in Cybersecurity

The sudden technological rise has enabled enterprises and agencies to conduct business and communicate like never before. However, this has made cyberspace an increasingly belligerent environment, with hackers constantly trying to break into the business networks and systems. The goal is simple – extract data and sell it to the highest bidder. Our world runs on data today, and if the systems are compromised, it can wreak havoc on businesses. Billions of dollars are on the line to protect company data, but with increasing cyberspace vulnerabilities, experts and businesses are facing the daunting reality. This is where the need for a technological prodigy comes into consideration.

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The changing IT security paradigm amid COVID-19

As global organizations grapple with COVID -19 pandemic and the economic uncertainty arising from lockdown, IT security is becoming increasingly a matter of concern. The Security and Risk Management (SRM) pros are on their toes to strengthen their organizations’ digital resilience to combatĀ  unexpected disruptions in the business process. Any cyber attack or insider mischief with sensitive data could seriously hurt any organization at a time when employees, vendors, and contractors are remotely accessing systems. ARCON believes that organizations will have to revisit their cybersecurity policies so that the current crisis does not aggravate economic and business continuity challenges. Here are the high priority areas that every organization should look at to mitigate IT security risks.

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